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What :

MobileMe is a great product for what it is designed : Cross-platforming portable informations (mail, contact, calendar,etc) and syncing. However, compared to other (Free) services, many features are missing.

As explained by Apple representatives, and by Steve Jobs as well, the MobileMe launch was rockier than they taught. By extending the trial period (and recently by extending the length of the paid services) and by putting online a “Status” blog, Apple show us that they want to be transparent and to offer a better service to all their customers.

I created this blog to express, in a positive and collaborative manner, the needs and recommendations of the MobileMe community. The objective of this blog is to compile all needed features, bug fixes and webapps suggested by MobileMe users.

Why :

I think that, by the community suggestions and by the expression of the customers’ needs, MobileMe can evolve in the right direction.

We can make a difference !

When the site will be filled with enough ideas, I will communicate with Apple to report all creative suggestions and feedbacks.

Who :

Every users that are concerned by the amelioration of MobileMe service can send suggestions of new features, unfixed bug or new web app.

How :

Send suggestion

Use the menu on top to navigate in this blog to see the suggestions already submitted.

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